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Social Affairs

Social interaction is the staple of our lives and an eventful experience full of joy and excitement would be the ultimate satisfaction.


At Rose Events we understand and value the interaction of our clients and their network of friends, family and acquaintances in order to consummate a successful gathering.


With an eye for perfection in coordinating the myriad details, we believe in order to create a memorable social affair, our objective support of your creative control and vision desired, will provide the blueprints to plan with ease and style.


If you are elected to be the master of ceremonies, host or hostess of the below listed party, festivity, parade or evening out, a Rose Events planner will work directly with you on all facets of the event(s).

  • Reunion

  • Birthday

  • Convention

  • Anniversary

  • Holiday Party

  • Surprise Party

  • Fashion Show

  • Beauty Pagent

  • Award Banquet


With a reputation for organizing such unique occasions, we will help to simplify the planning process and develop a concrete itinerary for the on-site management.

Let us help create the ambiance for your special event.


Contact Us for a Consultation regarding your social affair.


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