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Shweta & Rajiv

Sheraton Parsippany

We thought we would be in for a chaotic wedding weekend from hell when our final guest list numbered well

over 500 people. Bracing for the madness, we decided to reach out to a few wedding planners to see what services they offered and whether it would be worth spending the extra money on a planner/coordinator. We called and met up with a few wedding planners, but couldn't really see the value they added. And then we met Ruchir from Rose Events. 


From the very first meeting, it was obvious that this was a man who knew his trade well. He took detailed notes of everything we discussed, sent us a prompt planning agenda of everything we discussed, and shared with us insights from the large number of weddings he had worked on in the past. Second, Ruchir was not just detail-oriented but also extremely creative, giving us unique ideas and suggestions for our wedding weekend above and beyond what a typical wedding planner offers. Third, and most importantly, Ruchir is a great guy. He is the kind of guy who has a ton of fun doing what he does. His laid-back, down-to-earth humor and charm are truly infectious and comforting to a stressed-out couple in the trenches of wedding planning.   


In the month leading up to the wedding, Ruchir was impeccable. He reviewed our other vendor contracts and interfaced

with all of our vendors to make sure that they were delivering to us everything we contracted for. He served as the point 

person with our vendors, communicating with them, getting updates from them, and conveying our desires to them. He made

sure that we didn't have to suffer through all the nitty-gritty details that we otherwise would have had to worry about. 

Shortly before the wedding, Ruchir worked with us to create a minute-by-minute timeline of the wedding weekend replete with

details about who and what needed to be where and when. Finally, he planned and oversaw a final meeting with all of our vendors

at the venue to walk through the wedding weekend, step by step. 


When the wedding weekend finally came around, Ruchir, his wife, and the rest of the Rose Events team were absolute rock stars. 

The typical Indian wedding entails numerous confused relatives running around trying to solve problems and a stressed-out 

bride and groom ensuring that all the months of planning and details get executed properly. Thanks to Ruchir and Rose Events,

our wedding was quite a different affair. Our parents were not stressed out and had the leisure to meet and greet our guests. Our 

close relatives, accustomed to the hustle-bustle of a typical Indian wedding, were pleasantly surprised that they had time to sit down, 

relax, and enjoy the ceremonies and events. Finally, my wife and I were not worried about every little detail and therefore had the time to soak in our wedding and cherish the hundreds of special moments throughout the weekend. 


Ruchir and the Rose Events team executed all the details my wife and I had painstakingly planned down to the smallest, personal touches we wanted. When we experienced a mini-crisis of sorts with our reception table cards being incorrectly numbered, Ruchir and Rose Events solved it promptly and professionally. Seeing my wife and I getting a bit stressed about the seating fiasco, Ruchir, with his trademark coolness and calm, simply said "Go get yourselves a cocktail and enjoy. We got this." Within 15-20 minutes, the Rose Events team came up with a solution and made sure that when we entered the reception ballroom, every one of our guests was seated at the right table.


All in all, we cannot praise Rose Events enough for all that they did for our wedding. They set the bar high as wedding planners who know how to get things while being friendly and warm with everyone at the wedding. We are so lucky to have had Ruchir and Rose Events as our wedding planners, and are honored to count them among our friends. 


Ruchir, I know the testimonial is a bit long (haha), so let me know if I should cut it down! We meant every word, though. 

Shweta & Rajiv

Sheraton Parsippany

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