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Komal & Jaideep

Hyatt Penn's Landing

Dear Vaishali and Rose Events,


Vaishali is by far an AMAZING, AMAZING person and coordinator and went way above what was expected of her! Guys, They are worth every penny they charge for their services and way beyond. You never know when an emergency will strike and if it does, you know they will be there to back up whatever decision you make i.e relocate/reschedule or whatever. Would never recommend having a wedding without them! As some of you may or may not know, due to Hurricane Irene our event had to relocated from 'One Atlantic' in AC to Hyatt Regency/Penns Landing in Philadelphia overnight. Without the help of Vaishali, her staff and my daughter Monica, it would have been something impossible to do but we did it as a team! To Date, our guests tell us that the event was so well organized and done that they did not even recognize the fact that this wedding was planned overnight and that this was not the original venue. Hats off to Rose Events for pulling this off so beautifully. Wouldn't have to think twice to rehiring Vaishali for any of my events.


With a big sigh of relief,

Priya Punjabi (Mother of the Bride)

Originally One Atlantic - moved to Hyatt Penn's Landing due to Hurricane Irene

Dear Vaishali and Mihir,

You guys are extremely professional and did a fantastic job. Vaishali ensures that every little detail is taken care of and has a backup ready to go in no time if need be. I was able to relax and enjoy myself during the events because I knew Vaishali would ensure everything went smoothly. These are definitely the people you want by your side. Planning a wedding is stressful as it is and then on top of that to have a hurricane hit and have to change your location 24 hrs before is even more stressful!! But if I had to choose anyone to be by my side to help me through it ...definitely would have to be Rose Events!! You guys made my fairytale wedding a dream come true and everyone commented on how it didn't even look like the venue had changed and how organized it was. You guys are amazing and definitely will be recommending you to all my friends! I truly cannot express in words how grateful I am!  VAISHALI - I honestly don't know how to thank you! You were our saviour and are part of the reason I was able to stay so calm, cool, and collected despite everything. You went above and beyond to make sure everything was in place and that things turned out perfect. A lot of my guests were completely impressed with the level of organization despite the craziness :) Mihir and you deserve a medal for making a wedding happen in 24 hrs :) They say it takes months to put a wedding together and here we beat all the records by putting it together within 24 hrs!


Kind Regards,

                        Komal and Jaideep

                        Originally One Atlantic - moved to Hyatt Penn's Landing due to Hurricane Irene

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