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Anjali & Stavan

Sheraton Parsippany

Dear Vaishali,

          Anjali and I would like to thank you for the amazing job that you did throughout our wedding process. You were so knowledgeable, organized, creative and accessible at every step of the journey … from the initial planning stages, to mobilizing all of the necessary resources and coordinating among all of our different vendors to your incredible support on the wedding day itself! You took care of all of our needs, whether ensuring that we had all the requisite items for the wedding ceremony or that we had a chance to eat on our wedding day :) We absolutely could not have done this without you and the Rose Events team. We are especially appreciative of your innovative "Candy Bar" idea, which you executed so brilliantly and elegantly … we are still receiving rave reviews from our guests! You consistently went above and beyond what anyone could reasonably expect and we will be highly recommending you to any future brides and grooms.

                             Thanks for being our wedding "lifesaver,"
                             Stavan and Anjali

                             Sheraton Parsippany

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