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Anjali & Mital

Loews Philadelphia

Dearest Vaishali & Mihir,       


            Where do we begin to express how AMAZING Mital and Anjali's wedding reception was, thanks to you, Mihir and your team. You went above and beyond to ensure that the event was one of a lifetime.


            You certainly took each request to heart and made everything happen. You were a genius in planning this grand celebration. When we walked into the ballroom, there was a huge smile on all of our faces and that could NOT have been possible without Rose Events. It was simply incredible.


            From time management to food presentation, the effort you spent on every detail was evident. Each and every guest was amazed with the level of detail and coordination. Our guests have not stopped talking about the themed cocktails rooms, elegant ballroom decor, entertainment, flair bartenders, and the list goes on.


            We came a long ways from the initial meeting when we were just discussing options for catering, video, photo, etc. all the way to flying in DJ Aqeel, exclusive specialty linens, Jainam's entrance and ice bars. I realized your true capabilities and knowledge of the industry when you found the linens of our choice. 


             And, most importantly, we were able to enjoy every moment of our event. We did not have to worry about a single detail the day of the event, you beat our highest expectation! You made it all happen.


             You have become a great friend and it was a pleasure working with you. We will miss seeing you and talking to you at all hours of the day and night, we hope that we have the opportunity to work together in future on another event. We can only say thank you about a million times and we still wouldn't cover it. Words cannot express our gratitude for your passion and dedication to our event. Thank you for all that you have done for our family to make this event so memorable. 


Best wishes,

Mital, Anjali, Mayur, Manisha, Rajesh and Jyoti Chheda

Loews in Philadelphia PA

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