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Anila & Finny

Crest Hollow Country Club

Dear Vaishali, Ruchir and Mihir, 


First off, thank you - a hundred times, thank you! You guys are the reason that our wedding day - including all the events leading up to it - was successful. I like to think that I am an organized person who lives a structured life and I have tried to convince myself that I could have pulled this wedding off alone, but I would be lying to myself - we definitely could not have done this without you!  You promised us a million dollar wedding and you delivered! Many people have already told us that they have been to many great weddings but that our wedding was by far the best one they have ever attended. 


You never missed a beat and you definitely kept everything professional. We felt loved. 


Vaishali - your poise, grace, kindness and creativity are truly admirable. You were patient with us, listened to our crazy ideas and made it all come together. You provided that "final touch" that we needed in our big day that turned silver into gold. Thank you for your meticulousness not only with our event but also in attending to my bride and making her feel and look like a princess.  


Ruchir - Betta, you are vunderful. Your attention to detail, aggressive fortitude and witty humor allowed us to feel the confidence of Rose Events, have peace of mind and laugh and enjoy the "planning journey". Thank you for bringing all the pieces of the event puzzle together and for running around (hungry, sweaty and tired) for us on our big day.


Mihir - thank you for spending all this time on our event and making sure that we started off with a great foundation. 


Anila and I truly feel blessed that we had your presence, guidance, friendship and expertise. We wouldn't have had this any other way, nor could we have. I understand that in the event planning world given how busy you are and how many people's dreams you've made come true, it would be easy to forget us, but please remember that to us you will always be OUR wedding planners and we will never forget you or how you made the beginning of our life together possible. 


Thank you for keeping all of our secrets under wraps from each other. Thank you for driving TO us, around FOR us and in the end driving us to the hotel. Thank you for packaging up sweets for me =). Thanks for being a seamless, coordinated, hard working, dedicated, friendly, cooperative, polite TEAM. 


We pray that God will always shower His blessings on each of you and your company. We wish you a lifetime of success personally and professionally. 


We will have nothing but glowing reviews for anyone who asks or wants recommendations on a planner and we will of course come running to you for our future events. 


With warm regards,

Finny & Anila

Crest Hollow Country Club, NY

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